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Getting started

Before you can usefully use Prospect, as a minimum, you need to install data describing the three-dimensional shape of the land. We recommend using the “Terrain 50” Digital Terrain Model from the Ordnance Survey. This can be downloaded as ESRI ASC file from the Ordnance Survey Open Data web site or else already converted into the format used by Prospect - Map Maker TER files – from:


Once you have downloaded and unzipped the files go to the “Context” panel and click on “Data shared by all projects – 3D terrain data”. In the window that appears click on “Choose directory of 50m grid terrain files (*.ter)” and choose the directory where your unzipped TER files are. Alternatively, if you download ESRI ASC files use the appropriate option.


Apart from the essential 3D data there are also options for the background map, such as aerial photography. These are described on the “ context ” page.


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A simple example


Your woodland sub-compartments can be used in three different types of project:

As a static project

As a series of events

Using the Forestry Commission pre-2019 four shape files schema

Using the Forestry Commission five shape files schema

Drawing and editing woodland polygons



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